Gong Bath healing for Adrenal Fatigue

I experienced a gong bath a few days ago at the Well-Being Sanctuary in Sedgefield.
It was during the Solstice gathering and conducted by Reine.
Why do i mention all this ?
It was a phenomenal experience, having been exhausted from various stresses over the previous few days and weeks, i hadn’t found anything to ground me.
A few minutes of these full body balancing crystal gong hits and strokes and i was SUPER grounded .
Pretty much didn’t move for about three hours afterward (a testament to my level of tiredness)

I would love to experience full body balancing gong bath again
And can CERTAINLY recommend it to anyone who is struggling with adrenal fatigue after prolonged stress.

If i can find a link to Reine, i will link it below

Otherwise look up gong bath on your favourite internet search engine, or ask in your local community.

Exploring Film; The Director’s Chair and more.

I was just reading this article on film crew positions, having just had the opportunity to shoot footage using a Steadicam rig for a friends Pedicast*

In the process, I came across the below video which I thought as a really great watch..

*note – it contains some violent scenes*

have a watch if that’s your thing..

I also found the video to be really well edited and put together and thought I would share it here.

(* Pedicast Like a podcast but on foot, but more about that later)..

Emotional Freedom Technique

I just tried this out, having come across it before.

it was VERY interesting.

the thoughts that arise repeatedly.

they are insightful .

they provided me with insight into the thoughts that are in my head, surfacing, repeatedly.

some of these thoughts are subconscious.

but when practicing this technique, it becomes quite obvious what is lying, resting, seated, beneath the surface.

try it out:

important note: start with the preparation:

“even though Im stressed about … [insert the name of the thing / person or situation you are stressed about] I love and accept myself.”

repeat 3x while tapping the ‘karate chop’ part of your opposite hand.

then move onto tapping each of the different specified places:

on either eyebrow nearest the nose.

on your temple / to the side of your eye.

underneath your eye

underneath your nose

underneath your lip

a whole flat hand, underneath your neck (on your upper chest)

underneath your arm.

on the top of your head.

Repeat 3x ( while letting words speak out of you, from intuition)

I hope this brings you some benefit.

40 Fantastic Foods.

A friend told me that to keep your gut microbiome healthy, eating 40 plants a week was a good yardstick to start with..
so ..
in lieu of that: I present current forty favourite foods – or Plants ++

(which can be used as a Pantry / Shopping list draft of sorts)

1. Sunflower seeds ( de-hulled)
2. Pumpkin Seeds ( de-hulled)
3. Oats – rolled
4. Rice (Brown)
5. Chia Seeds
6. Flax Seeds
7. Raisins
8. Apples – Green
9. Apples – red
10. Onions – ball onions
11. Beetroot with leaves
12. Lemons
17. KALE
18. Paprika
19. Sweet Potato
20. Brocolli
21. Potatoes (russet)


24. Leeks

25. Chickpeas

26. Gem-squash

27. Garlic

28. Sesame Seeds

29. HEMP SEEDS *** – I currently need to get some of these.


31, 32, 33, 34 and 35. Mixed Herbs :rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, Parsley

36&37. Masala : which adds to the list: Coriander & Cumin

38. Ginger!

39. Carrots

40. Cabbage.

Bonus: Lettuce.




Other favourite foods:

Honorable mentions:

-=Oils & Fats=-
Soya Sauce – Kikkoman
olive oil

1. EGGS – Free-range or pasture reared chicken eggs
2.Angus beef Burger Patties

3.Smoked Salmon offcuts.
4.Free Range Chicken
5.Cheeses: Mozzarella

1. SALT.
2.Mayonaise – Hellmans

Burger recipe

For each 500g mince, mix together one beaten egg, 15ml olive oil, one finely chopped onion (raw, not fried), salt and pepper to taste, about 30ml of chutney and 30ml of tomato sauce, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and then add dry oats to make a firm enough consistency to shape into patties (usually between 0.25 and 0.5 cup oats). Should make about 8 patties

Via Ryan Stephenson

Thanks @Ryan for this recipe 🙂

Whats in a name?

I think a better question is:

whats in a question?

why do i say that?

because i think in a wuestion thier is the capacity to simulate a direction of thought .

and in saying that

the potential to stimulate the direction of thought to something that could potentially, greatly affect the readers life forever.

a few questions i like to ask regularly include:

whats important now?

what am i grateful for today and why?

what made me feel most alive today?

what made me feel least alice today?

i believe in doing so we shape the road maps by which we navigate our lives.