Burger recipe

For each 500g mince, mix together one beaten egg, 15ml olive oil, one finely chopped onion (raw, not fried), salt and pepper to taste, about 30ml of chutney and 30ml of tomato sauce, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and then add dry oats to make a firm enough consistency to shape into patties (usually between 0.25 and 0.5 cup oats). Should make about 8 patties

Via Ryan Stephenson

Thanks @Ryan for this recipe 🙂

9 Elements Of Hip Hop

I was educated this morning as to ‘the 9 elements if hip hop’.

This came about as a result of telling someone what I do, which included things i do ’not for money’

The thing I mentioned was beatboxing :

After which Maxwell requested a demonstration, to which i stepped up and fulfilled the Request (Happily might I add 😀 )

After the fact i was asked if I knew about the 9 elements of hiphop, to which i responded ‘no’ before finding out the following :


2. Rapping 

3. Graffiti art 

4. DJing 

5. Beatboxing 

6. Street fashion 

7. Street Language 

8. Street Knowledge 

9. Street Entrepreneurialism

*thanks to hiphopdatabase on Fandom.com for a refresher if the above information


I have for a long time wanted to breakdance and do engage in it periodically; for even longer i have been interested in entrepreneurship, So to see all these things in between added to the mix and put together as a group; a framework was very a very interesting discovery for me.

Hence I share it here.

Happy Hip-Hopping.

btskts btskts btskts btskts

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relevant video of interest:

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Understanding the nine essential elements of hip hop

My Most Important Weekly Habit (Notes)


Show your Work! (document the process)

  1. Provide value 🎁
  2. Do it consistently 🔁
  3. Pick a niche 📍
  • Transition to an email 📧 newsletter

Curate: ✅

  1. Write ✍️ paragraph – something you’ve:
  2. learned 
  3. been thinking 💭 about that week.’
  4. Add links – interesting things you’ve: 
  5. Read 📖
  6. Listened to 🎧
  7. Watched 📺

For your newsletter use:

a) Substack – https://substack.com

b) Revue – https://www.getrevue.co


c) Convertkit – https://convertkit.com

Additional notes 🗒:

Relationships 👥 are the most important thing in life .

Building an audience 🗣 is one of the most important things you can do.

Thanks To Ali Abdaal!


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