The Day that turns your life around

its one of those days.
that you journal yet again
and the world comes crashing down
as though you’re wearing a mortal crown.
so as you begin to frown, and the portal shines and Rounds, your hairtips and your feet, shuffle and be quite neat.
you hit the button ‘Delete’
and hope it shall re-seat, all that’s under heat.

I have aMillion thoughts

None of them can be bought
because they’re still just thoughts
and when I write them down
they no can wear a crown
and be donned with the great title
of being ever vital.
yes I am the man
who writes lyrics for bands
yet I if you do not know
I will new seeds now sew.
I have the words and write
a poem a day that’s tight
it’s packaged with great wonder
that will let you go asunder
to places far away
on the clouds of thoughts I say.

believe there is a chance
believe ! there is a dance.
believe there is a Chance
BeLIEVE there is a dance
Be live that you can shine
and you can have your time

let your parents know
that you have let power to shine yo.
without saying words like ‘wack’
and being the ephemeral ‘jack’
Of trades not one or two,
or even three or MOoo

So like the cows and clowns,
of rivers and of frowns
release there greatest glory
by sharing their own story
and giving thee the critic
the option to omit it
or analyse its sense
and twist it till its bent
into yours not theirs,

poetic licence bears
that eat a cookie now
and speak above the crowd
my subconscious yes it knows

the lyrics that I sew
are not for now but, so,
that when im old I know
the wisdom underneath
that’s lent its self,
to be bequethed
to the future of my mind
that does exist only in a future present time

and as I say my words
and great the child with birth
the child of Creativity
I ask you to now be with me

be with me
oh creative child now be with me

I will judge you not
just be with me
I judge you not
just be with me

I’ll share your glory
be with me
there’s nothing more
just be with my
Create , consistent
be with me
lets share lets share
now be with me.

OH I love you

Oh I love you


Travelling Sound Engineer

I thought this was an interesting article, and thought I would reshare:

and then some additional thoughts on Personal interests:

I have been thinking more about Sound Engineering in the last 3 or four months and have in the last 2 weeks had the joy of assisting with Surround sound Speaker setup for Dance Awake, a wonderful modality which has brought me some integration and Healing through movement.

I have been a musician in a band, an entertainer and events organiser and MCee. I have Recently been thinking more and more about these things in the last year and believe think there is a possibility for me to bridge these gaps here.

If you are interested in having me Sound Engineer for your event, want a podcast done, give me a shout in the comments below.

Make Music now!
This is a song I am working on…
Please go and have a listen.

Happy Dates.