Gong Bath healing for Adrenal Fatigue

I experienced a gong bath a few days ago at the Well-Being Sanctuary in Sedgefield.
It was during the Solstice gathering and conducted by Reine.
Why do i mention all this ?
It was a phenomenal experience, having been exhausted from various stresses over the previous few days and weeks, i hadn’t found anything to ground me.
A few minutes of these full body balancing crystal gong hits and strokes and i was SUPER grounded .
Pretty much didn’t move for about three hours afterward (a testament to my level of tiredness)

I would love to experience full body balancing gong bath again
And can CERTAINLY recommend it to anyone who is struggling with adrenal fatigue after prolonged stress.

If i can find a link to Reine, i will link it below

Otherwise look up gong bath on your favourite internet search engine, or ask in your local community.