Emotional Freedom Technique

I just tried this out, having come across it before.

it was VERY interesting.

the thoughts that arise repeatedly.

they are insightful .

they provided me with insight into the thoughts that are in my head, surfacing, repeatedly.

some of these thoughts are subconscious.

but when practicing this technique, it becomes quite obvious what is lying, resting, seated, beneath the surface.

try it out:

important note: start with the preparation:

“even though Im stressed about … [insert the name of the thing / person or situation you are stressed about] I love and accept myself.”

repeat 3x while tapping the ‘karate chop’ part of your opposite hand.

then move onto tapping each of the different specified places:

on either eyebrow nearest the nose.

on your temple / to the side of your eye.

underneath your eye

underneath your nose

underneath your lip

a whole flat hand, underneath your neck (on your upper chest)

underneath your arm.

on the top of your head.

Repeat 3x ( while letting words speak out of you, from intuition)

I hope this brings you some benefit.