9 Elements Of Hip Hop

I was educated this morning as to ‘the 9 elements if hip hop’.

This came about as a result of me sharing what I do, which included things i do ’not for money’

The thing I mentioned was beatboxing :

After which Maxwell requested a demonstration, to which i stepped up and fulfilled the Request (Happily might I add 😀 )

After the fact i was asked if I knew about the 9 elements of hiphop, to which i responded ‘no’ before finding out the following :


2. Rapping 

3. Graffiti art 

4. DJing 

5. Beatboxing 

6. Street fashion 

7. Street Language 

8. Street Knowledge 

9. Street Entrepreneurialism

*thanks to hiphopdatabase on Fandom.com for a refresher if the above information (reference below)


I have for a long time wanted to breakdance and do engage in it periodically; for even longer i have been interested in entrepreneurship, So to see all these things in between added to the mix and put together as a group; this framework was a very interesting discovery for me.

Hence I share it here.

Happy Hip-Hopping.

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